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So we’ve been back from our trip for 6 days now and we have been back at work for the past week. Our body clocks are probably just about adjusted now despite having daylight savings to contend with too.

Now that we’ve kind of regained consciousness from the holiday coma, we are beginning to relive our Turkish adventure with our family and friends. Looking at photos also helps us with reminiscing about our trip. People always want to know what we thought of a place and would we go back again. They ask whether we had a good time or what was our favourite. In the past, wherever we’ve been we’ve generally got positive things to say and this time is really no different.

We’ve been rattling off the following phrases quite easily: “Turkey was brilliant”, “Loved Turkey! We had an amazing time.” “We saw so many things and learnt so much in Turkey that we hadn’t expected. And that’s probably because we didn’t really know what to expect”.

About Dubai on the other hand, well “Dubai isn’t our cuppa tea.” But more about that in another post as this is a Turkey post 🙂

Now to kick start our holiday debrief for Turkey we have a photo essay of our favourite & top 10 pictures/moments/experiences. These are in no particular order. Hope you enjoy the photos to start with and sit tight as there will be more stories and experiences in our subsequent posts.

1) Turkish Delights

Turkish Delights - the taste and texture is simply divine
The taste and texture – simply divine

2) Gallipoli

Visiting ANZAC Cover and reading this sign was very moving
Visiting ANZAC Cove and reading this sign was very moving

3) Pergamum

The amphitheatre at Pergamum was a real treat
Trying not to take a tumble down the stairs of the amphitheatre

4) Ephesus

The Ephesus library
The Ephesus library

5) Virgin Mary’s House

Visiting the Virgin Mary's House was a very peaceful and spiritual experience
What an extremely peaceful and spiritual experience

6) A sunset in Kusadasi

So spectacular watching the horizon gulp up the sun

7) Amphitheatre in Aphrodisias

Amphitheatre at Aphrodisias - insanely long
Long and well preserved

8) Pamukkale

Being able to wade through the water in Pamukkale was definitely an adventure
Being able to wade through the water of a UNESCO Heritage site 🙂

9) Hagia Sophia

Inside Hagia Sophia - shame for the reconstruction scaffolding around the insider but still a magnificent ancient sturdy structure
Inside Hagia Sophia – shame for the reconstruction scaffolding around the inside but still a magnificent ancient sturdy structure

10) Kayakoy

Careful not to get lost in Kayakoy, the ancient deserted Greek town
Careful not to get lost in the ancient deserted Greek town

turkey: our 11 day itinerary

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So our excitement to go to Africa has been stunted by nothing other than us. Due to a multitude of reasons and factors, we have decided to postpone this trip and instead venture elsewhere. It was a toss up between several countries and Turkey has beat the rest.

However, about two days after locking it in, the riots began in Turkey. Oh no! We do know a few people who know people who are over there travelling now. Hopefully by September, it is calmer. Well, it has to be okay, everything is locked in and paid for. According to smarttraveller.gov at present it is stating “Exercise a high degree of caution” – which was what Peru was on when we were there. Guess it is comforting that its not on “Reconsider your need to travel”. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all unravels.

All the same, we are very excited. Our itinerary is looking like this:

Day 1 – Istanbul
Day 2 – Istanbul
Day 3 – Gallipoli Battlefields
Day 4 – Troy, Acropolis of Pergamum
Day 5 – Ephesus, Kusadai
Day 6 – Pamukkale, Hierapolis
Day 7 – Aphrodisias, Fethiye
Day 8 – Fethiye
Day 9 – Kayakoy, Antalya
Day 10 – Perge, Aspendos
Day 11 – Antalya
Day 12 – Dubai
Day 13 – Dubai
The countdown can officially begin now that we are only a little over 2 months out! And fortunately as per our travel philosophy, Tasmania for January is now booked so we can breathe easier that we have the next adventure booked. Although we have visited Tasmania before, it is a place that we enjoyed so much and would not hesitate going back to!