mont st michel: a photo essay

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There are quite a number of places in the world that we have seen photos of and have therefore decided that we wanted to go there.

Mont St Michel is one of them. It has been on our dream travel list for as long as we can remember. Plus the added bonus that it was on the UNESCO Heritage list that we are trying to tick off slowly. We missed going to see it last time we were in France. We were not letting it slip away again this time.

IMG_2230 IMG_2160

It is certainly not the easiest place to get to (particularly if you don’t have a car) so we decided to stay two nights – which turned out to be a double “thumbs up” decision. It gave us plenty of time to explore and relax without feeling like we were rushed.

After travelling several hours from Paris on a train and then a bus, we finally arrived! In the distance, we could see the outline. The feeling we often get inside when we get to finally see something we have been SOOOOO looking forward to: a tingle in our stomach and the goosebumps of “we are really here!”

It’s as majestic and grand as we have seen it in the pictures. Without wanting to sound cliché, we will be cliche anyway by saying that it truly took our breath away.

Once we were inside the walls after crossing the bridge, it was like we were zapped back in time to the Middle Ages (except for maybe the hoards of tourists in modern clothes).

IMG_2104 IMG_2189 IMG_2193 IMG_2205 IMG_2082 IMG_2101

Crowded as it was, we looked past that and found the entire place so surreal to witness. Walking up all those old stone steps to the top before exploring the inside. And the inside? It seems to carry that little bit of mystery, intrigue and plenty of history that we love when we explore places like this.

IMG_2121 IMG_2113 IMG_2133

With the tide being out, we were able to walk around the outside of the walls on the mudflats. We didn’t stray too far as we were warned that there are sections of “quicksand”. It is recommended that you join a tour group before venturing too far.

IMG_2099 IMG_2100 IMG_2125 IMG_2084

To finish off our time there, we sat down for a local Normandy feed. We tried a soufflé omelette with bacon… let’s just say, it must be an acquired taste! 

The other local dish we tried was creamy chicken cooked Normandy style and that was DELICIOUS :)



Mont St Michel was listed as a

UNESCO Heritage site in 1979.

To see the other UNESCO sites we have visited,

visit our unofficial bucket list

Have you been to Mont St Michel? Tell us your experiences/thoughts.

weekly photo challenge: angular

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As with most ancient civilisation architecture, Machu Picchu looks cleverly planned and constructed. And there are plenty of angles here!

When we see these ancient structures, we can’t help but wonder of the skills and talents of the communities and also the precision at which they built these places. It always fascinates us!

To see other people’s interpretation of angular, click here


Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

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national parks in the usa: bryce canyon

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There are almost 60 National Parks in the USA and one of our travel goals would be to see each of them. We have barely touched the surface with what we have seen. It would be great if we could grow a “national parks series” in our blog to cover them all one day :)

One of the ones we have visited is Bryce Canyon National Park. And we absolutely loved what we saw and would go back to the area in a heartbeat!


Bryce Canyon, located in southwest of Utah and named after a Mormon pioneer, was listed as a national park in 1928. According to the National Park Service website, it is small in comparison to other national parks. Smaller or not, it is a sight that you will have to see for yourself to believe.


As we stand at the rim and look down… all we can see are these unusual, red rocky “spires”, known as hoodoos. There are thousands of them. We have never seen anything like it before. It literally made us “ooh” and “ahh” as we snap our photos.

The area is said to be filled with wildlife but much to our disappointment, we didn’t see any except maybe a bird that looked like a raven in flight.

IMG_0682 IMG_0683

From Sunset Point, there is a trail that winds down so we could walk amongst the rocks. Standing beside rocks this size, we felt so small and insignificant. It was rather daunting to walk down and then look back at the rim. It just seemed like we were in really deep.

The sun and colour of the rocks make for some serious glare, so be sure to have sunglasses with you. We were here in October but the weather was as perfect as any summer we could imagine.

IMG_0722 IMG_0710 IMG_2394

Then to end the day, we were granted skies like this…. Ahhhh…. how can we simply NOT love this place?


It is because places like this exist, we just realise how much we love nature and just want to keep seeing more!

Have you visited Bryce Canyon National Park?

Share your thoughts here.


Product Review plus a GIVEAWAY: Lifeventure SoftFibre Trek Towel

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We are VERY excited to announce that we are offering our FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY (#WMAgiveaway). But before we get to the giving away bit, let us tell you more about the product that is on offer…

There are times when we want a towel that is light-weight, quick-dry and easy to pack. And we may have found it: the Lifeventure SoftFibre Trek Towel.

The first thing we notice is that the towel is very light for its size. Measuring in at 150 cm by 100 cm, it weighs slightly over 300 grams.

It can easily double as a picnic rug /blanket not just a towel. Considering we have just completed the Camino, we were thinking of all our fellow walkers who may have appreciated something like this.


The next thing which we give it the thumbs up for: it doesn’t have the same texture as the usual “quick-dry” towels. We are not fans of other microfiber towels, which are linty and have that “static”-kind of feel to them.

In contrast, this towel is smooth, soft and has an almost lens-cloth feel. Not feeling the usual soft fluffy towel when drying the face is one little thing we need to get used to.

But, what amazed us the most was its capability to dry! After a shower, David wrapped himself in the towel and the towel almost magically soaks up the water from his body.

The great thing about this product, it absorbs the water but does not feel wet. It simply feels damp.

Our mini-experiment:

We trialled soaking it in about 2L of water, pulled it out dripping wet, hung it in our bathroom overnight. And by the morning, it was merely damp.

And aesthetically? The print on the towel is very fitting for anyone interested in travel, geography or the world. It is cleverly laid out as a map of the world with the country name representing its location.


Due to its size, it can easily be used as a beach towel. On our quest to find our favourite beach in Sydney – using this towel will come in handy for us to trial during our Sydney summer!

The last thing we want to say on this towel is how compact it becomes. It folds down easily and fits in its small mesh pouch that is included.

IMG_8474 IMG_8475


Described as quick drying and ultra light-weight, we are quite convinced that it is that :) It is also stated to have “permanent antibacterial treatment“, which we cannot provide comment on as we don’t have the capability to test it with accurate results.

This is a towel we will be taking on our next adventure :) and are thrilled to be able to give one away to a reader!

And what about the #WMAgiveaway bit?

So without further ado, one of our readers can win a BRAND NEW Blue Lifeventure SoftFibre Trek Towel (valued at £26.99, courtesy of Silverfox Travel & Outdoors online shop).


How to enter:

The #WMAgiveaway starts now and ends at midnight 1 December, 2014 (Sydney, Australia Time).

Let’s have some fun – this giveaway requires no skills or creativity. It is based purely on luck :) (Name-out-of-a-hat type of luck).

There are a few EASY ways to enter & you can choose how you want to enter. But as with all giveaways, multiple entries automatically increases your chance of winning :)

  1. Subscribe to our blog (for one entry)
  2. Comment on this blog post (for one entry) to the effect of: “I love that towel” or “Got to be in it to win it!”
  3. Follow us on Twitter (for one entry) and/or tweet (for one entry): @2wisemonkeys are giving away an awesome SoftFibre Trek Towel from @Travel_Outdoors #travel #giveaways #WMAgiveaway
  4. Follow us on Instagram (for one entry) and leave a comment (“I want to win it” or similar) on the photo of the towel (for one entry).

Please note: All comments made by current followers will automatically get a bonus entry for already being a follower :) Any crude, obscene or inappropriate comments as deemed by us will be removed and will NOT count as an entry.

At the end of the giveaway, we will put all names in a hat and literally draw out a winner. We will announce the winner on all of our social media on December 3rd and the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Good luck and we look forward to hosting a successful first giveaway! 

Thank you Silverfox Travel & Outdoors for providing the towels. These towels can be purchased from their website.

Disclaimer: Although, we have been provided the towels for our review and giveaway, our opinions expressed in this post is entirely our own.


weekly photo challenge: achievement

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We didn’t even need to think twice about what photo we would use for this challenge.

Our Camino passport says it all! Stamps showing that we walked approximately 800 km (500 miles) from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It took us 6 weeks. We still can’t believe we achieved this :)


Happy Weekend to All!

what’s your favourite beach? here’s ours (and it’s not bondi)

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Summer is approaching in Sydney but when we look out the window, it doesn’t look the case at all! The sky is overcast and the temperature is still relatively cool. Considering that we live only 20 minutes or so from the beach, we hardly ever visit the beaches in Sydney. Maybe once or twice during the summer… And beautiful beaches we certainly have.

To put it plainly, we are just not beach people.

World famous Bondi Beach
World famous Bondi Beach

But if we were asked what our favourite beach was

…we would have to say that it isn’t here in Sydney. Back in 2006, we went to Mauritius for a week and found what we consider to this day: paradise. We think it is the best beach that we have ever been to.

Ile aux Cerfs is a privately owned island off the east coast of Mauritius. To get there, we were picked up from our hotel in Port Louis (on the west coast), driven across country to the port, before jumping on a boat transfer to the island.

And when we arrive, all we see is beautiful turquoise water and soft yellow sand, water so calm; this was our kind of beach.

Mauritius 2005 (133) Mauritius 2005 (117)

We throw down our beach towel by the lagoon under some shade, and just head into the water! It doesn’t matter how far we go in this lagoon, the water is merely ankle deep and then slowly becomes knee deep. We can sit in the water and just soak up the sun and atmosphere. No fear of being slammed by waves or snuck up upon by sharks. Here is the place to be lazy and relax!

Mauritius 2005 (120) Mauritius 2005 (118)

Our day trip also included lunch – all set up and served under these open huts!

Mauritius 2005 (109) Mauritius 2005 (112)

And then to sticky beak around the island afterwards, we walked along some of the walking tracks and caught glimpses of the golf course.

Mauritius 2005 (125) Mauritius 2005 (126)

Mauritius 2005 (132)

This beach day for us definitely set the standard for our image of a “day at the beach” and since then nothing really has compared (possibly our day at the Bahamas, but that will be for another post). Writing this post takes us right back to that experience…. *sigh*

What is your favourite beach? 

Share yours to inspire us!

weekly photo challenge: minimalist

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Minimalist: relating to minimalism, providing a bare minimum of what is necessary

The “minimalist” is the pizza we were served in Rome is what we are submitting for this week’s photo challenge.

It looked bare compare to the pizzas we are use to which are laden with toppings.


Have you been served something that was not what you expected?

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!

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