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We were at Piraeus Port by 645am, ready to board a boat to Mykonos. One thing we learnt that morning was why we couldn’t find sliced bread anywhere – it was because the sliced bread is not very good and therefore not worth being sold anywhere. Now that was our conclusion at least because our packed breakfast contained bread and oh my goodness, they were dry, crumbly and hard. Anyway, enough about bread – the fascination has worn off!

We met a honeymooning couple from Los Angeles on the boat and chatted with them til the boat pulled into a port. We usually are last to board any transport and the last to get off – what is the rush? So this couple dashed off to get their luggage while we sat to look out at the island. Hmmm… strange! We always thought Mykonos had white houses along the coastline – totally thought we were duped with touristy brochures, because the houses we saw were definitely NOT white.

As we slowly made our way towards the ramp of the boat, we decided to check with a staff of the boat whether this was Mykonos. It wasn’t, the next stop was ours. Soon enough, the American honeymooners came back to their seats describing how they had leapt off the boat only to realise they needed to leap back on because we hadn’t arrived at Mykonos. Turns out they thought we were a little rude for not letting them know Mykonos was the next stop – we explained that we had actually been none the wiser either!

The coastline
The coastline

When we pulled into Mykonos, there was no mistaking it! What we saw was the image we had expected! The blindingly white buildings, blue skies and blue sea! Oh – how picturesque! The buildings looks like fondant icing on wedding cakes 🙂

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Alley ways of Mykonos
Alley ways of Mykonos

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