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So Day 72 of our European adventure and we have spent the last 3 days in sunny Cannes, in the French Riviera. Here we rubbed shoulders with the rich, walked the red carpet and soaked up the sun! Southern France is amazing!! We recall being advised that the French can be a little on the unfriendly side, which may have been true in certain parts of Paris but down south, there is no unfriendliness anywhere. The place has a great feel to it – we love it here.

Opportunity to walk the red carpet in Cannes
Opportunity to walk the red carpet in Cannes

Yesterday on a day trip to Monaco, we visited the palace and watched the changing of the guards. We visited the Cathedral where Princess Grace Kelly was laid to rest. The Aquarium and the Casino – this place simply blows us away. The people in this part of the world really are living the high life! Seeing the boats docked at the pier, these people here are in a league of their own yet never did we feel out of place or uncomfortable or unwelcome. One private boat even had a helicopter on board! As we walked along the main shopping stretch, we walked passed the Chanel store which had been closed for clearly someone important because there was a black car out front and there were black suited men standing outside. So we felt like we fit in when we got to walk the red carpet in our sneakers 🙂

Today we sailed over to St Marguerite island to visit the Royal Fort which was once a royal prison. We stood in the prison cell of the Man in the Iron Mask and looked out to sea; blue water, blue sky, gorgeous horizon. But standing in there, it reminded us of the movie and what that poor man must’ve gone through.

In the short time, we have grown fond of the French Riviera, but its back to Paris before we continue our journey to Germany.


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