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Our time in Tokyo was quite short because one of the days was dedicated to a day trip out to Nikko. It was out at Nikko that we saw the 17th Century carvings above a doorway of the three wise monkeys. You can imagine our excitement to be able to see this – this is what we were all about ūüôā There were lots of statues on sale so we of course had to pick some up for our collection.

The National Park (albeit the tourist crowds) was still a peaceful place to wander around and see the temples and carvings. There were a lot of steps and also relatively slippery as it had rained the night before and was still drizzling occasionally.

As we travelled to Nikko, we were meant to view Kegon Waterfall however due to the fog, we could only hear it and not see it when we arrived. It was a bit of a shame as we enjoy viewing waterfalls. Similarly, we enjoy lakes and photographing lakes. And that is where we had lunch – at Lake Chuzenji. The food was magnificent and the view of the lake from the restaurant was spectacular, especially watching the mist travelling low and across the water. Within minutes the lake was shrouded by “white smoke” and our view of the lake was no more.

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Three wise monkeys carving
Three wise monkeys carving

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