pins in our world map

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Blue = Europe
Red = Asia
White = Africa
Black = Australia
Green = South America
Yellow = North America

And that lonely black pin that is sitting in the middle of Australia is our latest addition to the world map in our study.

Pinning to our map of the world
Pinning to our map of the world

Every time we look at this map, it reminds us how little of the world we have actually seen and how much more we have yet to explore. Every pin holds many memories, mostly all fond with the odd hiccup that one would expect when travelling.

 Africa currently has only one spot in the Indian Ocean, dotted on Mauritius – one of our 2005 adventures. Later this year, we will be fortunate enough to be able to add a few more pins into the African continent but this time on the mainland. In fact, it was only today that we have decided to begin the process of getting our visas for our trip to Kenya and Tanzania.


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