first time away for the new year

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We have never seen in a New Year anywhere other than Sydney. So our first New Year’s Eve away was in Adelaide. It was nothing like what we were use to at all. It was quieter.

On our way to dinner, ┬áthe roads were extraordinarily quiet. We assumed it was everyone preparing for the NYE celebrations! So we asked our cab driver where everyone was ringing in the new year and he didn’t seem to think it was unusual that there was hardly any traffic on the roads. Maybe we were just too used to Sydney’s crazy traffic ALL year round at all hours!

Today we spent a day in the Barossa and on the way back we saw Drover’s Run (from McLeod’s Daughters)! And who would’ve guess that South Australia houses the biggest rocking horse in the world! How about that?!

Anyone see a Rocking Horse?
Anyone see a Rocking Horse?