packing principles: our core 4

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In 3 sleeps, we will be travelling for about 3.5 months! The last time we were away for that long, was back in 2006. This time, we are 8 years “wiser”(??) and travelling with backpacks. We have packed often for our travels but this time it’s different!

Packing what we need into backpacks seems almost impossible as we stare at our mountain of things to bring and the size of the backpacks. How to pack when travelling for several months? How to fit everything we need/want? Our walking boots for the Camino alone already take up HALF the pack.

And yes, we know… we should lay everything we want to take and then leave behind half! It goes something like that, right?

After packing for this trip, we have concluded that these would have to be our 4 core packing principles.

#1: If the item is not a MUST, it can probably be purchased along the way.

Items of “MUST” will be different for everybody but may include medicines, contact lens, at least a few pairs of underwear….

#2: Use packing cells!

They keep your clothes contained inside your luggage/backpacks. You won’t find that after getting off a flight, your clothes are in a jumbled heap.


#3: Make sure you pack at least one change of clothes including underwear on your carry-on.

If you are flying, it comes highly recommended to do this. Situations where you wish you had a spare change of clothes at hand include:

  1. bags going on their own vacations the minute they were put on that conveyor belt at airport check-in;
  2. you being stranded at an airport due to flight delays/cancellations and having to stay overnight but your bags are still checked-in;
  3. during transit being caught in the rain running from the tarmac or between terminals

These are possible as these are actual scenarios which our friends have experienced. In all scenarios, even just a fresh set of underwear can make the world of difference.

#4: If travelling with a significant other, make sure you split your clothes between the two cases.

This will be a life-saviour should one bag go astray. This is where packing tip #2 is helpful with packing cells to keep clothes separate.

Here is David’s pack with half of Le’s stuff inside!


So we are finally packed! This is the FIRST time we are travelling with backpacks – we will let you know at the end of it, how it all goes.

So long cold, wintery Sydney!

It is now official, we have been farewelled! Our families threw us a farewell party: a Christmas in July (with a lit fireplace, leg of ham and roast turkey). It was so wonderful getting both families together so we could just enjoy one another’s company before we head off.