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There are almost 60 National Parks in the USA and one of our travel goals would be to see each of them. We have barely touched the surface with what we have seen. It would be great if we could grow a “national parks series” in our blog to cover them all one day ūüôā

One of the ones we have visited is Bryce Canyon National Park. And we absolutely loved what we saw and would go back to the area in a heartbeat!


Bryce Canyon, located in southwest of Utah and named after a Mormon pioneer, was listed as a national park in 1928. According to the National Park Service website, it is small in comparison to other national parks. Smaller or not, it is a sight that you will have to see for yourself to believe.


As we stand at the rim and look down… all we can see are these unusual, red rocky “spires”, known as hoodoos. There are thousands of them. We have never seen anything like it before. It literally made us “ooh” and “ahh” as we snap our photos.

The area is said to be filled with wildlife but much to our disappointment, we didn’t see any except maybe a bird that looked like a raven in flight.

IMG_0682 IMG_0683

From Sunset Point, there is a trail that winds down so we could walk amongst the rocks. Standing beside rocks this size, we felt so small and insignificant. It was rather daunting to walk down and then look back at the rim. It just seemed like we were in really deep.

The sun and colour of the rocks make for some serious glare, so be sure to have sunglasses with you. We were here in October but the weather was as perfect as any summer we could imagine.

IMG_0722 IMG_0710 IMG_2394

Then to end the day, we were granted skies like this…. Ahhhh…. how can we simply NOT¬†love this place?


It is because places like this exist, we just realise how much we love nature and just want to keep seeing more!

Have you visited Bryce Canyon National Park?

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So much snow
So much snow
No snow in sight
No snow in sight

Onwards on our trip, we were able to peel another layer of clothing off. So we were down to about 2 layers now. From snow to desert in a matter of days, we travelled from Yellowstone to Salt Lake City to Bryce Canyon to Zion before we stopped at Grand Canyon. With the contrast in temperature,  it was hard to believe that we were in the same country in the same month.

Grand Canyon is magnificently enormous. Its worth watching the IMAX 3D movie before seeing the actual canyon itself – it gave us that little bit of a greater appreciation of those who explored it. But after standing on that ledge and looking out at that canyon, we can confirm that it was appropriately named! Words can simply not describe what we could see. Even photographs doesn’t do the canyon justice. Go see them for yourself!

The colours change as the sun sets and as the sun strikes the sides of the canyon, the lighting plays tricks with our eyes. We felt like if we reached out we would touch canvas because for a moment there, we are convinced that what is before us, is nothing more than an enormous painting. But although it is a work of art, it is not a painting. A moment where again we realise what a wonderful world that we live in!

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

All those feelings aside, we travel across desert and along a bit of Route 66 before we end up on Las Vegas Strip! Where we are introduced to excesses – excess lights, excess gambling, excess food. Before coming here, we watched The Hangover and so arriving here we thought we knew what to expect! Well, however you imagine Vegas, its glitzier and regrettably tackier! But, its still worth a visit but dare we say 3-4 days is more than enough.

View from our room in the Bellagio
View from our room in the Bellagio

So we stayed in Imperial Palace for one night before upgrading to the Bellagio for the next 2 nights, where we watched “O”, the Cirque Du Soleil show performed with a pool. It was the show of all shows and trumps all other Cirque Du Soleil shows. ¬†For the past 4 years, we have watched the shows that tour Australia but after seeing this one, we feel like we can put them to bed and see no more. ūüôā

And if you want a break from Sin City – Hoover Dam is an interesting “half-day” trip out of Vegas to do.