Fenway Park

dampened by rain

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We took a train to Boston and farewelled NYC. It rained and was miserable. It dampened our spirits a little as this was the end of the trip and we didn’t want to end on low.

Boston is quaint and a little sleepy in comparison to NYC and DC but it may have been the weather that dampened the buzz. All the same, we do like it but probably won’t be back anytime soon.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park

The weather didn’t really allow us to do much but we did manage to get to Fenway Park and squeeze in the Freedom Trail when the blue skies burst through. As we walked the Freedom Trail, we could see everyone who was doing the same thing. Hordes of people following the markings on the footpath from one stop to the next. At some points, the markings disappear from the ground and are found on the walls or disappear altogether. An adult treasure hunt is what it felt like that became a “follow the leader”. We couldn’t be in Boston and NOT do the Freedom Trail so at least marked as done!

Because there had been so much cloud cover and rain for the past few days, we were simply thrilled to steal a little sunshine and blue sky. This is what we meant when we said to a young shop assistant that was serving us: “It’s so good to see sun and blue sky.” To which she responded: “Don’t you get sunshine in Australia?” WHAT?! Hmmm…. it wasn’t really the time to go into a geography or even a common sense lesson. So we politely smiled and left!

Our biggest regret in Boston was that we ate a huge 2 pound lobster at Legal Seafoods but didn’t have our camera with us to photograph it! Absolutely shattered by not having evidence of it.