the wood(en) anniversary

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Silver, ruby, gold anniversaries sound so glamorous. And why does our wood anniversary sound like a dud? Seems a little unfair that 5 years is deemed so worthless compared to 25 years or more. But guess it only matters if you are buying one another gifts – which we don’t do.

Wishes from the Press Club (in Melbourne)
Wishes from the Press Club (in Melbourne)

Every anniversary for us is as important as the last and we don’t need any gift or jewel to signify this. It seems an unusual concept for us to buy each other gifts for our birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Christmases etc etc. Flowers die, chocolates get eaten, material items have an expiry date (because they get old, broken, damaged, forgotten and gosh knows what else) so we opt for something that is much more long-lasting! True to our philosophy, we prefer to make sure that each of those important occasions are marked or celebrated with an experience. Experiences become memories which don’t get forgotten (at least not willingly). For us, it usually comes in the form of a theatre show, a major sporting event, a fine dining meal or a trip away – basically anything that we get to share together.


So anyway, here, we are – September, 2013 which marks 5 years since we got married. The years have passed by so very fast that it makes us wonder whether we will be at the silver anniversary (that’s 25 years) before we know it?! Where would we be then? Looking into the crystal ball – we see that we would be in our 50s and still travelling, more than we are able to today as we would be retired then! Well, that is the plan and we can always dream.


In the meantime, let’s not concern ourselves on what the silver, ruby or gold anniversaries hold for us. Let us celebrate each and every day and be grateful for the life that we have, the family and friends we have and the fact we can do what we love most and that is travel! So for now…. Turkey awaits us to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary and maybe we can find something wooden (that won’t get confiscated by Australian Customs) to bring back to remind us of how we celebrated one fifth of a quarter of a century 🙂