mural art in lyon

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For us, Lyon was a convenient city to stop into for a few days before we ducked on over to Switzerland.

But not only was it convenient, it was an incredible place for us to explore for three days. There is so much to do (free and not) and plenty of little surprises, like the Miniatures and Cinema Museum that we stumbled across, we really enjoyed Lyon!

One of it’s free attractions is the city’s mural art. There are certainly a few scattered around the city. Our favourite is at the corner of rue de la Martiniére and Quai St Vincent, it depicts and honours Lyon’s famous citizens such as the Lumière brothers (the first film makers) and Laurent Mourguet (creator of the famous French puppet, Guignol).


We sat on a bench right across from the artwork and spent quite a while staring at it. The mural is detailed and life-like, there is so much depth in the art and it simply drew us in. We ended up with pretty sore necks after we moved from our vantage point.


Here are the Lumière brothers:


And Laurent Mourguet and Guignol:


We love how the ground floor of the mural looks so realistic. We could easily have tried entering the building and walking up the staircases …


Or enjoyed a warm drink in that cafe.


So if you ever find yourself in Lyon looking for something to do that won’t affect the budget; walking the streets to explore the mural art might just be the thing.


Have you been to Lyon?

What did you think of the murals?

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