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oh so clean

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Singapore is SO clean you could honestly walk barefoot down the street and not get any grime on your feet. There are a lot of rules that you need to abide by such as no chewing gum, no littering, no swearing but in turn it has made the country so safe and clean.

There’s no missing the hot and sticky weather. It was humid, really humid. There’s rain occasionally throughout the day, but they are more like quick sun showers.

The zoo, Jurong Bird Park and night safari were all really incredible; seeing all the animals and birds up close and personal and especially the nocturnal ones being active for once. The orang-utans were practically free-roaming – as we walked past a tree, we heard some leaves rustling and before we knew it, an orang-utan was scuttling down to the keeper for a banana. And yes, everything here was clean too.

Across from the Jurong Bird Park, there is a reptile park – it is sadly very run down but we gladly visited and saw some insanely big crocodiles. But despite being run down, it too was very clean đŸ™‚

We used cabs pretty much everywhere. We had heard public transport was smooth and easy to use, but we figured in this heat, all we wanted to do was escape to somewhere with air-conditioning. The good thing about cabs too was that they were cheap.

A full pizza for breakfast
A full pizza for breakfast
All but demolished
All but demolished

Five days in Singapore was a perfect length as we felt we had done all that we wanted.

We can also say that we demolished a pizza which was HUGE. At the airport with what Singaporean money we had left, we decided to pick up breakfast. To use up all the money so we wouldn’t have to find a currency exchange place, we bought this pizza. When we ordered it, they said, “Are you sure you want a full pizza? They are really big!” And thinking we knew best that a full pizza was your usual large pizza, we insisted that it would be fine.

And when the pizza was brought out, our eyes grew large as saucers. The pizza was huge and was easily 40 cm in diameter, at least! We know! It wasn’t very Singaporean nor was it really breakfast material.

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