weekly photo challenge: dreamy

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This week’s photo challenge theme is rather fitting for the morning we had on the Camino today as we came over the hills and looked down into the valleys. We were so high that the morning mist was below us and we could only describe it as DREAMY.


Have a good weekend, folks! 

Happy to hear your thoughts on whether you thought this was dreamy, click here


weekly photo challenge: signs

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Looking through our photos, we had a good laugh at this picture as it was just so “busy” with signs of all types!

Why did we even take this photo? Thankfully, we saw “Mont St Michel” amongst them so remembered we took this on the bus on our way to Mont St Michel in France.

We felt this was perfect for this week’s photo challenge.


How many different signs can you count in this picture?

Have a great weekend!

weekly photo challenge: silhouette

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This B&W photo was taken at sunset in Krakow Old Town Square.

The silhouette is of Adam Mickiewicz, a famous Polish Romantic poet of the 19th Century. We captured this photo as a real pigeon landed to perch on his head.

The silhouette buildings around him are the Krakow Bell tower and the Krakow Cloth Hall. The rooster is part of the Cloth Hall.

Other silhouette photos can be found here.


weekly photo challenge: between

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Sharing this photo for the challenge: driving “between” the trees on Kangaroo Island, Australia.