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weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

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What says summer lovin’ to us?

In this picture:

The beach and sand shows summer 


The act of kissing shows love



We snapped this photo while in Kangaroo Island over one Australian summer. Travelling together… that is OUR LOVE.


weekly photo challenge: between

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Sharing this photo for the challenge: driving “between” the trees on Kangaroo Island, Australia.


saw no kangaroos on this island

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Initially we had planned to drive around Adelaide, jump on the ferry to Kangaroo Island and drive around Kangaroo Island. What we learnt though while booking is that the car hire insurance does not cover the ferry trip across. That was not a risk we were willing to take so we booked a 2-day tour instead which was pretty jam packed. The drive to Cape Jervis was painfully long, not “leisurely” at all as advertised. It was probably twice as painful on the way back!

Day 1 –

The tour began at the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery before moving onto the Seal Conservation Park which was a main reason we wanted to come to Kangaroo Island. It was pretty cool being able to see the seals on the sand, although from a distance of about 30 metres away. The photos in the brochures all show the spectators (would-be us) standing much closer than what you are actually allowed! Oh well, guess its for animal and human safety! There was also a visit to a sheep dairy farm, Pardana Wildlife Park and a Birds of Prey show.

Seal Conservation Park
Seal Conservation Park


Day 2 –

A busy day starting at Clifford’s Honey Farm where we tried a non-alcoholic honey drink and the homemade ice-cream. Yummmmm! We also visited the limestone formations of Kelly Hill Caves which was amazing! As we were walking through the caves, the tour guide switched off all the lights and showed us how dark the caves were. She was explaining how when they were originally explored by candlelight, so imagine what would have happened as the candle began to shrink in size! We’ve never had that experience before where our eyes don’t adjust to the darkness, well simply because it can’t! When there is absolutely no light, our eyes can’t adjust to the limited lighting so all we see is blackness. Spooky spooky spooky! Last stops for the day were the aptly named Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. At the latter stop, we were fortunate to view New Zealand fur seals in their natural environment being very very playful!


Kelly Hill Caves
Kelly Hill Caves
Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks