travel philosophy

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Kenya, Tanzania and Dubai are officially creeping up on us!¬†And we know what that means…. that we need to lock in the holiday after that.

We have a travel philosophy, that we NEED to have our following holiday booked before we go on the next one. Why? Purely because then it gives us something to look forward to when we get back. People return from a holiday and get withdrawals and dread the fact that they are back to the “daily grind” (maybe not everyone but we know we did). So to fill the void of the holiday euphoria, we overcame that by living by our travel philosophy. And sure enough, we land in Sydney with the excitement of knowing our next destination is in sight. And it works!

So back to the fact that Africa is creeping up on us, we need to start getting our act together and book something. There is Tasmania in January (where we’ve been – but this time with the extended family). Then there is talk of Hong Kong in April. And then dreams of possibly something bigger in July to escape the winter – Europe is beckoning us once more!