edinburgh festival without nessie

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When we booked this leg of the trip, we were completely ignorant of the timing and the significance. We arrived right in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival. We were also completely unaware of the gothic beauty of the city.

Chocolate soup
Chocolate soup

After our adventurous morning trying to get here, we caught the bus from the airport to the city and it is the most picturesque city thus far. The castle stands above the cliff face like Acropolis does in Athens. We are simply in awe at the city’s backdrop! Magnificent! And because of the festival the city is alive, it has added to the experience. Also being able to try chocolate soup might have added to the fond memories we have here 🙂

And you can’t visit Scotland and not go in search of the Loch Ness monster. We booked a 12 hour day tour that would take us to the highlands and see Loch Ness. Let’s just say we were disappointed not because we didn’t spot Nessie but because the tour was pointless. We definitely got to see the lake but only driving by. We did get to stop a little in the highlands and that was it. It was basically a long, very long bus trip to the Loch and back. It was a bad experience!!

Our last day in Scotland was visiting family. It was great to meet cousins and second cousins and to actually be in a “home”. It had been over a month and we felt like nomads, so it was nice to feel like we belonged.

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