stones, spiders in bath, oh my!

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The last fortnight we have stayed in York, Cardiff and now Bath.

Arriving in Bath and staying at Travelodge Bath Waterside – we have never experienced such appalling conditions ANYWHERE. Let’s just name a few of the disasters:

  1. there were spiders EVERYWHERE in the hotel. Webs along the corridors nesting lots of spiders
  2. a spider ran across the bed as we lay in bed
  3. the room smelt like sewerage
  4. used tissue paper stuffed back into the tissue box
  5. extremely incompetent and rude front of desk staff: we were expecting a phone call from some family in Bath and the hotel told them that no one by our names were staying there and apparently they didn’t have stamps for postcards to Australia (whatever that was suppose to mean)

But anyway, enough whinging on our behalf and onto what we actually got up to.

“Oh, who can ever be tired of Bath?” Catherine Morland (Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey) – and we could somewhat agree – Bath is a gorgeous city. It was also a convenient base for us to do a few other things; visiting/meeting family was a major reason!

On one of the days, we visited the Roman Bath Museum and were able to try the natural hot springs bath water – which tasted like stale warm water. But besides that, what a remarkable museum. We are not really museum type of people but thoroughly enjoyed this one.

On another day, we visited Stonehenge and the Avebury Stone Circles – walking around listening to the history behind these rocks. There will always be theories about it but will we ever really know how Stonehenge was built and why? These types of mysteries will all be intriguing. On the road, we also saw 2 of Wiltshire white horses. Gosh, this area of the world fascinates us so much.

View more pictures from our trips in Photo Gallery

Avebury stone circles
Wiltshire white horse
Wiltshire white horse

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