curve balls in London

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It might be hard to believe for some but we saw blue skies in London and to gloat even more, the entire week that we were there was filled with sunshine and blue sky. There was nothing to complain about in London. Everything from visiting Windsor Castle to buying a donut at Harrods, day trips to Oxford University and the Cotswolds. London has it all when it comes to things to see and do.

But to be fair, let’s just London did throw us come curve balls!

Blue skies!
Blue skies!

One day, we went to eat Yum Cha. To be clear, it is known as Dim Sum here….which we needed to get our heads around. Then once seated, we expected the waitresses and waiters to start wheeling round the trolleys full of goodies. Sadly, this was not to be…. We had to order off the menu. What?!! That’s not Yum Cha… that’s just a la carte!

And then there was the night where we went to watch Phantom of The Opera, which was fantastic! Before we saw the musical though, we had a pre-dinner meal at an Italian restaurant. Who would expect that we would be serenaded by a 4-man band and an accordian and then have to pay a tip to them. Hadn’t seen that one coming, honestly thought it was restaurant entertainment thrown in.

Admittedly, this was probably our obnoxiousness, but how can they NOT have chicken salt for their chips in the UK? There we were ordering some hot chips at a takeaway joint, and then we asked for some chicken salt. We may as well have had green heads climbing out of a UFO. Geez!!

And lastly, we hopped on a bus en route to the “city” (apparently) until we reached a “terminus” where the driver told us to get off and wait for the bus across the road that will take us back to the city. So we did as we were told and waited by a bus stop that had a notice which read, “Bag snatching area! Beware of thieves!” Great!! Just great, we had been dumped in the middle of nowhere by a bus driver so we could be mugged. Anxiously we waited for the bus, and over the crest it came to save the day. And who else would be driving the bus, but the same bus driver that had just kicked us off…. What the???

There’s no need to share much more about what else happened in London (and the surrounds) as we are very sure everyone else who has been there can rattle off all the typical tourist sights…. And despite the little bit of madness, we enjoyed it ever so much!


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