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Somehow a trip that started off with us going to Japan turned into a family holiday to Western Australia. Perth is a very flat and quiet city and has no traffic. We LOVE this city!

Rottnest Island is just off the coast near Fremantle, about a 25 minute ferry ride away. This is where we went for Day 1. On the way over, we were fortunate enough to see a humpback whale. swimming alongside the ferry. The ferry captain was wonderful enough to stop and let us spend a few minutes watching it. To get around Rottnes, there were a few options:  buses that drive around the island in one direction, bicycles for hire or walking. The weather was perfect and the sun was out. Some of us went for a 3.3 km walk while the others pedalled. We all met up for lunch at Porpoise Bay on a secluded beaach. The water was crystal clear and the view was spectacular.

Our secluded beach at Rottnest Island
Our secluded beach at Rottnest Island

On Day 2, it was a long day on the road to Geraldton as we went via the Pinnacles. The roads although coastal are long, straight and narrow…. Even though a little bit out of the way, the Pinnacles were worthwhile to see. Its quite phenomenal seeing the big rocks (that almost look like termite mounds) sticking out of the desert sands!




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    tassie here we come | wise monkeys abroad said:
    December 28, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    […] family). The last time we did this, there was only 10 of us and we were driving a mini-van around Western Australia…  After that experience, we have decided this time to split up into two cars for our […]

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