rowing up a storm

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The drive to Kalbarri was only going to be short compared to the Perth to Geraldton leg. On the way, we detoured to Herrocks where we stopped at 3 Mile beach. We enjoyed the jetty walk and was lucky enough to see some people fishing for puffer blowfish.

On the way to Kalbarri, we also drove past the Pink Lake. It’s actually pink due to a species of algae that is of that colour that produces beta-carotene (Vitamin A). The Lake is privately owned and Vitamin A is “harvested” here.

Pink Lake
Pink Lake

Kalbarri is a seaside town and is practically picture perfect. We went canoeing in the Murchison River and soaked up the sun. Until the sky turned grey and the winds picked up. There was no doubt a storm was coming and here we were rowing against the current. From where we sat in the 3-man canoe, we could see the mouth of the river which pours out to the Indian Ocean. This could get catastrophic if we didn’t get to shore fast! So all three of us rowed and rowed and rowed!  But we did not feel like we were gaining any ground… in fact at times, spun in circles!! What felt like hours of rowing, and with the lactic acid building in our arms, we made it to shore to find that we had only been out for half an hour.

The storm did hit and we just hope tomorrow brings better weather.


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