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weekly photo challenge: reward

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Back in 2006, we worked over 60 hours per week (for 6-months) so we could afford a 4-month trip around Europe. Every time, we travel – the experiences we have are our rewards for all the hard work leading up to make it happen.

One of our earliest memories of that Europe trip was witnessing a Santorini sunset – famous for a reason 🙂

What photo would you share to show reward? See other people’s interpretations here.

Happy weekend everyone!

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weekly photo challenge: rule of thirds

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We are sharing a photo where our subject is off-centre – Mont St Michel in France at sunset in the lower third. The colours of the sky and of Mont St Michel itself makes for a movie mystery setting. If you would like to see more photos of Mont St Michel – we have a photo essay you can check out.

If you want to see more off-centre photos – see The Daily Post

IMG_2160Have a great weekend! 

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weekly photo challenge: symmetry

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We were inside the Cathedral of Leon and when we looked up – this symmetrical view needed to be photographed. And now we get to share it for the “symmetry” challenge this week.



Feel free to leave us your thoughts here.

Happy Weekend to you all!!


weekly photo challenge: scale

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We couldn’t go past this scene of a kitchen made to scale to share; the art of scale miniatures.


For more interpretations of scale, see The Daily Post.

For more scale miniatures scenes, see our post on the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema.

 Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! 

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