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weekly photo challenge: habit

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It’s time for the Weekly Photo Challenge. And the theme is HABIT : to capture something that we do habitually… something that we do everyday…..

We’ve chosen this photo! A photo of us having dinner with our extended family. There are a few habits in this photo.

(1) Dinner – a meal we have every day

(2) Family dinners – out of 7 days a week, we eat dinner with our families at least 3-4 times

(3) Using chopsticks to eat everything – but probably appropriate here 🙂

Chopsticks diving in for a Malaysian dish
Chopsticks diving in for a Malaysian dish


What is YOUR habit? 


weekly photo challenge: eerie

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The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is EERIE.

This is an extremely tricky photo choice for us as we don’t normally take photos that are eerie….. So scouring all our photos that we’ve taken in the past 9 years, this one is probably the closest that we can get.

Taken in Pompeii, Italy: if you have been there, you will too have seen plaster casts of many victims.

Pompeii in Sepia
Pompeii in sepia

weekly photo challenge: horizon

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The past week or so has been pretty hectic on so many levels that we decided to pause from writing about our holidays and try something different. We joined The Daily Post community recently and this is our first post using one of their inspirations. The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is horizon.

So trawling through our photos, it was very hard to choose a horizon photo that resonated to us. But we decided to go with this one.

The sun is the star at the centre of our Solar System. And in this photo, taken in Kusadasi (Turkey), it definitely shows that it is a star 🙂

We were experimenting while waiting for the sun to set and took this photo through polarised sunglasses and we actually didn’t realise it turned out like this until we got home and uploaded the photo.

The horizon in this photo eventually swallows up the sun only 15 or so minutes later.