weekend walks: moscow’s metro stations

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Although we were on the metro to get to the different stations, our weekend walk is taking you through some of Moscow’s most decorative metro stations.


Each one of the Metro stations is unique and grand in their own way, we just didn’t know where to look! There are statues, there are ornate ceilings, there are mosaic artworks, there are fancy light fixtures – Stalin’s vision of brilliance and radiance certainly was fulfilled! Each of the artwork represents different elements of the Soviet Union’s past.

IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0213



The underground system opened in 1935. And really is an attraction in itself and worth witnessing. It left us in so much awe and gobsmacked!

The metro system is so efficient with trains arriving every minute (or so) during peak hour.  Its cleanliness is also noticeable. There is no graffiti or rubbish anywhere! It certainly highlights that our train system in Sydney has room for improvement. Not that we are asking for marble or stain-glassed walls on the train platforms – just punctual and frequent trains 🙂