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weekend walks: wielickza salt mines

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Wielickza Salt Mines is about 10km south of Krakow, Poland. It was built in the 13th century and is one of the world’s oldest salt mines. But… it’s not just any mine. It is filled with dozens of statues, three chapels and a cathedral.

To enter the mine, we needed to take a three-storey lift to head down the mine shaft to about 60-odd metres underground. Each of the lift capsules could hold about 9 people, so it was a tight squeeze.


But once down there, it was FAR from “squeezy” anymore. Some parts had ceilings as high as 30 metres. There was a room where the horses working in the mines were kept, so you can imagine the size.

IMG_1506 IMG_1462

For about 3km, escorted by a guide, we followed the “Tourist Route” which covered about 20 chambers, 2 chapels and a cathedral. What we saw was so unique. Miners throughout the history of the mines carved the statues (out of rock salt) in the different chambers. There really was salt everywhere.

IMG_1508 IMG_1443 IMG_1447 IMG_1450 IMG_1457


We head down some stairs to reach the lowest point of the mines accessible by visitors on this tour (about 100 metres below surface) and there we saw the manmade lake.



Without a doubt, the most astounding thing we saw was the cathedral, Chapel of St Kinga! The entire cathedral was carved by miners out of the rock salt, including the statues and images on the walls. The Last Supper was the only one carved out by a professional artist and not by the miners.

IMG_1484 IMG_1493 IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1495 IMG_1496

It was a wonderful way to spend a hot summer’s day because underground it was a pleasant 15° Celsius! And down this far, there are an eatery, toilets, souvenirs shops and historically, visitors could bungee jump or go up on a balloon ride!

The Salt Mines are a must if you ever find yourself in Poland.

Tip: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring warm clothing. And can you photograph inside the mines? Yep, but you will need to pay a small fee in addition to your entrance ticket.

Wielickza Salt Mines was listed as a UNESCO Heritage site in 1978.

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weekend walks: moscow’s metro stations

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Although we were on the metro to get to the different stations, our weekend walk is taking you through some of Moscow’s most decorative metro stations.


Each one of the Metro stations is unique and grand in their own way, we just didn’t know where to look! There are statues, there are ornate ceilings, there are mosaic artworks, there are fancy light fixtures – Stalin’s vision of brilliance and radiance certainly was fulfilled! Each of the artwork represents different elements of the Soviet Union’s past.

IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0213



The underground system opened in 1935. And really is an attraction in itself and worth witnessing. It left us in so much awe and gobsmacked!

The metro system is so efficient with trains arriving every minute (or so) during peak hour.  Its cleanliness is also noticeable. There is no graffiti or rubbish anywhere! It certainly highlights that our train system in Sydney has room for improvement. Not that we are asking for marble or stain-glassed walls on the train platforms – just punctual and frequent trains 🙂



weekend walks: curitiba sunday markets

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Let’s go shopping on this weekend walk and we are predicting some groans at this point 😉  But it is here that we found an new addition to our current 3 wise monkeys collection.


So where are we? At Curitiba’s Sunday Markets – totally worth the visit and worth recommending. When we were first told about it by the reception staff in our hotel, we did not imagine them to be as huge as they were. There were hundreds and hundreds of stalls selling everything: crafts, food, toys, clothes and much more.

The markets are the place to be on a Sunday (from 9am), everyone converges to either sell, buy, browse or eat. We chose to do all except sell. It took us about 2 hours to walk the entire markets, walking up and down the many aisles! In some parts,  we shuffled along as the crowd numbers increased.


Although, there was some duplication in the stalls, most were rather unique!

We were told, the markets were “not to be missed” and we are so glad we went! We absolutely LOVED these markets 🙂 And even were able to enjoy some beautiful music performed by these young musicians.


Hope you enjoy a selection of photos of some of the things being sold.

IMG_9343 IMG_9340 IMG_9339 IMG_9327 IMG_9326 IMG_9341

 Wishing you all a great week ahead!



weekend walks: porto alegre goal walk

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The mayor describes Porto Alegre as “a port where a community with multiple cultures and different ethnicities live in perfect harmony”. This is a really pleasant way to describe the city. It seems rather harmonious but obviously it is tough to know for sure with one of the world’s biggest event currently going on.

Today was game day in Porto Alegre – France vs Honduras and the “Goal Walk” from Mercado Público through to the stadium (Estadio Beira Rio) was filled with French supporters donning the flag and their faces painted red, white and blue! IMG_9076 IMG_9051 But let us share with you some of the historical district that we saw on our walk. The City Hall was inaugurated in 1901. There is a beautiful fountain at the front made of Spanish tiles and given as a gift by the Spanish Community in 1935. The fountain now appears to be a landing pad for pigeons. IMG_9017 Alfândega Square is one of the most famous squares in the city. There is a park area that has local craft markets around along the pathways and an Art Museum at one end of the entrance. Today we didn’t have enough time to visit the museum but will be sure to get there during our time here. IMG_9023 IMG_9024 Nossa Senhora das Dores Church is the oldest church in the city, and took almost a century to complete. Its blinding white exterior drew us in to walk up all the steps to have a peak inside. And inside was beautiful. The inside smelt like any other Catholic Church: candles burning and “woody” if we can describe it like that. Out of respect for those inside, we didn’t take photos, so you will have to take our word that it was beautiful 🙂 The ceiling was painted in a soft green and the altar was rather extravagant. It was encased in white columns with gold tips and really was the “centrepiece”. IMG_9032 We finished up our walk at the FIFA Fan Fest for the rest of the afternoon cheering at a big TV screen, sitting on muddy grass 🙂 Hope you enjoyed coming on a brief walk through a Brazilian World Cup Host City with us! IMG_9068 Wise Monkeys Random Piece of Trivia: The 30°S Parallel South of the Earth’s equator passes through Porto Alegre hence that is the city’s latitude.