weekly photo challenge: containers

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If you are following us on Instagram, you may have already seen the photo we are using for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week.

Having just spent a week in Russia, nothing says “containers” at the moment to us more than the famous babushka (matryoshka) dolls. Especially when ONE can contain so many smaller dolls.




weekly photo challenge: eerie

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The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is EERIE.

This is an extremely tricky photo choice for us as we don’t normally take photos that are eerie….. So scouring all our photos that we’ve taken in the past 9 years, this one is probably the closest that we can get.

Taken in Pompeii, Italy: if you have been there, you will too have seen plaster casts of many victims.

Pompeii in Sepia
Pompeii in sepia