weekly photo challenge: adventure!

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The Weekly Photo Challenge asked to show “adventure!” We are on a LONG adventure at the moment, embarking on the Way of St James, walking 800 km to Santiago de Compostela. IMG_4837 For anyone interested, you can read our daily reflections. Or you can watch our daily debrief on our Facebook Page.

And although it is our adventure, we are also doing it to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome.

Have a great week ahead, everyone!!



weekly photo challenge: treasure

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The Weekly Photo Challenge asked us what we treasure….

We treasure each other and our families of course. But for this challenge, we are showing another thing we treasure: the world around us.

The one experience that we both hold dear is when we were able see Lonesome George in his last months on earth. Lonesome George was the last of the Pinta Island tortoises and is the Galapagos Island conservation icon.

He represents to us how precious and vulnerable nature is and how much we need to treasure it!

Lonesome George - the last of his kind
Lonesome George – the last of his kind


weekly photo challenge: one

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The week’s Photo Challenge is ONE.

This photograph of ONE jellyfish was taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.


Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!! 


weekly photo challenge: eerie

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The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is EERIE.

This is an extremely tricky photo choice for us as we don’t normally take photos that are eerie….. So scouring all our photos that we’ve taken in the past 9 years, this one is probably the closest that we can get.

Taken in Pompeii, Italy: if you have been there, you will too have seen plaster casts of many victims.

Pompeii in Sepia
Pompeii in sepia