weekend walks: curitiba sunday markets

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Let’s go shopping on this weekend walk and we are predicting some groans at this point ūüėČ ¬†But it is here that we found an new addition to our current¬†3 wise monkeys collection.


So where are we? At¬†Curitiba’s Sunday Markets – totally worth the visit and worth recommending. When we were first told about it by the reception staff in our hotel, we did not imagine them to be as huge as they were. There were hundreds and hundreds of stalls selling everything: crafts, food, toys, clothes and much more.

The markets are the place to be on a Sunday (from 9am), everyone converges to either sell, buy, browse or eat. We chose to do all except sell. It took us about 2 hours to walk the entire markets, walking up and down the many aisles! In some parts,  we shuffled along as the crowd numbers increased.


Although, there was some duplication in the stalls, most were rather unique!

We were told, the markets were “not to be missed” and we are so glad we went!¬†We absolutely LOVED these markets ūüôā And even were able to enjoy some beautiful music performed by these young musicians.


Hope you enjoy a selection of photos of some of the things being sold.

IMG_9343 IMG_9340 IMG_9339 IMG_9327 IMG_9326 IMG_9341

 Wishing you all a great week ahead!




weekly photo challenge: split-second story

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Markets present many opportunities to snap a photo that tells a split-second story.

For the weekly photo challenge, we are sharing a photo we took while in Hoi An back in 2012.


Happy weekend everyone!