weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

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What says summer lovin’ to us?

In this picture:

The beach and sand shows summer 


The act of kissing shows love



We snapped this photo while in Kangaroo Island over one Australian summer. Travelling together… that is OUR LOVE.


weekly photo challenge: on the move

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Our choice for this week’s theme are two photos we snapped while visiting the Galapagos Islands.

These birds were peacefully perched upon this rusty boat and suddenly were “on the move”

What disturbed them?

IMG_5402 IMG_5403


weekend walks: lake parramatta reserve

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After what seemed like an extraordinarily long week, the weekend was finally here. This week’s walk was just a relatively short one compared to last week.

Lake Parramatta is about 20 minutes west of Sydney. The Lake Circuit is about 4½ km and took us about 2 hours – there were two easier, shorter walks but we opted for this one to break in our new hiking boots 🙂 It wasn’t a hard walk, it was just that we wandered off track occasionally for photo opportunities or just for the mere exploration factor.

IMG_2755 IMG_2756


We were graced with the presence of plenty of birds, insects and reptiles, fortunately none of the reptiles were snakes. And we saw mushrooms – lots and lots of mushrooms: from brown ones to yellow ones to bright fluoro orange ones.

IMG_2683 IMG_2687 IMG_2707 IMG_2719 IMG_2726 IMG_2748

This was the first of our weekend walks where we had to cross creeks or streams – really putting the new shoes to the test!


Although immersed in nature on this walk, the sounds of humankind is not far off. Competing with the trees rustling and birds squawking are the loud rumbles of planes overhead or the engines of cars passing on the main road nearby. Sadly, the sound of nature does get drowned out often. There is a spell of silence about half way in the walk where the tracks goes a little further from the main roads which made the walk much more pleasant!

Despite our ears not really feeling like we had escaped the city, our eyes were fortunate enough to enjoy the view of our surrounds.

IMG_2732 IMG_2735 IMG_2739 IMG_2752 IMG_2754


Wishing everyone a happy Sunday!

Hope you have a great week ahead 🙂 

grand canyon: is it really grand?

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Before seeing the Grand Canyon, we really had no expectation and without sounding sarcastic… “How grand can it really be?”


In our original post about this trip, we described that the Grand Canyon is magnificently enormous. And honestly after seeing it with our own eyes, we can confirm that it really is GRAND.

According to UNESCO*, the national park contains more than 2,600 documented prehistoric ruins, untouched until about 1860s. There are 5 life and vegetation zones within the canyon, with over 1,000 species of identified plants.

The Grand Canyon is a gorge, carved out by the Colorado River, millions of years ago. It is approximately 1.5km deep and 450 km long. And honestly, looking out at it, the canyon seems to go on forever! Great times to witness the  canyon are during sunrise and sunset when the colours of the canyon change before your eyes.

Words can simply not describe what we could see. Photographs doesn’t do it justice. Witnessing the natural beauty in front of us reminded us what a wonderful world that we live in!

There are times when places are “talked up” and don’t really live to their name or reputation. But here at the Grand Canyon, we certainly were not disappointed! Go see it for yourself, if you haven’t already!

Unfortunately, we didn’t go on a helicopter ride over the canyon, as what we have heard is only gushing reviews about seeing it that way.

IMG_0857 IMG_2446 IMG_2454 IMG_0838 IMG_0860 IMG_0875

Grand Canyon National Park was listed as a

UNESCO Heritage site in 1979.

To see the other UNESCO sites we have visited,

visit our unofficial bucket list

* Ref: The World’s Heritage – the best-selling guide to the most extraordinary places (UNESCO Publishing 2011)