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Looking back our photos from when we were in Italy, we ask ourselves: how did we go to Venice and NOT take a single photo of the tables which act as walkways when the tide comes in? The answer is simple, because we were busy taking photos of everything else around us.

It’s a city that is bound to get you pinching yourself and saying, “Can’t believe I’m here!”  Venice, in every direction, is photogenic, even if it is a square full of pigeons: over-fed by tourists.

IMG_0041 IMG_0049

Walking through the over-crowded streets, the aim is almost to get lost rather than not to. Up and over those little bridges with gondolas gliding along the canals, it is just breath-taking (as cliche as it sounds, as cliche as it looks from the photographs and as cringeworthy as it is for us to write that). Venice is what it is and that is beautiful!

IMG_0039 IMG_0037 IMG_0044 IMG_0071 IMG_0054

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about Venice and we’ve heard that its smelly, that its over-crowded and over-priced. Heck, call it a tourist trap! It’s a trap that we didn’t mind getting caught in.

Described by UNESCO as a “unique artistic achievement”,  Venice was one of the greatest capitals in the medieval world. Built centuries ago, it took some incredible engineering and architectural design to build such a floating city that we still get to see today. We were so glad we decided to add Venice to our itinerary back in 2006, it’s one of those places that we would like to explore again in future. Maybe actually go on a gondola ride…


Have you visited Venice? What did you think?


Venice and its Lagoon was listed as a

UNESCO Heritage site in 1987.

To see the other UNESCO sites we have visited,

visit our unofficial bucket list



bellissimo italia

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Correctly guessed, we are now in Italy! We’ve spent our last few days in Milan, Venice, Verona and Bologna. Now we know why we learnt Italian for 6 years in Primary School. For moments like these when you need to be able to count, say hello and thank people!

Pigeon pollution
Pigeon pollution

The sinking city of Venice was quite a sight and a little bit of a smell too. The streets are a weaving mess but we successfully didn’t get lost as many of our travel predecessors have warned us!  The sun was out and so were the pigeons.

One too many breadcrumbs
One too many breadcrumbs

Actually, the Piazza San Marco was polluted with pigeons who were being clearly overfed by tourists. Methinks this is erring on animal cruelty…

In Verona, it felt like every school was having an excursion to Juliet’s balcony. It was crowded, noisy and dare we say, not romantic at all. There were couples who clearly had devised that the “she” of the relationship would stand in the balcony to look down to the “he” of the relationship. Let’s just say, we cringed and quickly took our photos before dashing out of the courtyard!

Romeo, romeo wherefore art thou romeo...
Romeo, romeo wherefore art thou romeo…

Bologna was a surprise squeeze in for us. We hadn’t intended on going but thanks to our Eurail pass, we thought it was best to put it to good use. Bologna was completely different to what we expected; bigger and busier! Our greatest disappointment was that we couldn’t get spaghetti bolognese considering it was this city that gave the dish its name. Suppose it wouldn’t be called “spag bol” similarly to how  some clever person once raised that Chinese food isn’t known as Chinese in China?!

Onwards to Florence from here….