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weekend walks: vivid sydney

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And so another weekend is behind us! We chose an evening walk this week, especially with the weather being warm to say the least and with Vivid Sydney being on.

Vivid Sydney is a display of lights around the city (see the Vivid Sydney website for more info:

We would say the biggest drawcard is the light art on the Opera House. We could just stand there and watch it all night 🙂 But we didn’t,  we walked around the Rocks for about 2 hours, soaking up the atmosphere and taking photos (if we had thought to bring a tripod, the photo quality may have been better).

IMG_8760IMG_8783 IMG_8747 IMG_3438 IMG_8753 IMG_3447 IMG_8772 IMG_8778 IMG_3448 IMG_3450

Have a great week!!