what’s your favourite beach? here’s ours (and it’s not bondi)

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Summer is approaching in Sydney but when we look out the window, it doesn’t look the case at all! The sky is overcast and the temperature is still relatively cool. Considering that we live only 20 minutes or so from the beach, we hardly ever visit the beaches in Sydney. Maybe once or twice during the summer… And beautiful beaches we certainly have.

To put it plainly, we are just not beach people.

World famous Bondi Beach
World famous Bondi Beach

But if we were asked what our favourite beach was

…we would have to say that it isn’t here in Sydney. Back in 2006, we went to Mauritius for a week and found what we consider to this day: paradise. We think it is the best beach that we have ever been to.

Ile aux Cerfs is a privately owned island off the east coast of Mauritius. To get there, we were picked up from our hotel in Port Louis (on the west coast), driven across country to the port, before jumping on a boat transfer to the island.

And when we arrive, all we see is beautiful turquoise water and soft yellow sand, water so calm; this was our kind of beach.

Mauritius 2005 (133) Mauritius 2005 (117)

We throw down our beach towel by the lagoon under some shade, and just head into the water! It doesn’t matter how far we go in this lagoon, the water is merely ankle deep and then slowly becomes knee deep. We can sit in the water and just soak up the sun and atmosphere. No fear of being slammed by waves or snuck up upon by sharks. Here is the place to be lazy and relax!

Mauritius 2005 (120) Mauritius 2005 (118)

Our day trip also included lunch – all set up and served under these open huts!

Mauritius 2005 (109) Mauritius 2005 (112)

And then to sticky beak around the island afterwards, we walked along some of the walking tracks and caught glimpses of the golf course.

Mauritius 2005 (125) Mauritius 2005 (126)

Mauritius 2005 (132)

This beach day for us definitely set the standard for our image of a “day at the beach” and since then nothing really has compared (possibly our day at the Bahamas, but that will be for another post). Writing this post takes us right back to that experience…. *sigh*

What is your favourite beach? 

Share yours to inspire us!


weekend walks: cape banks circuit

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Don’t let the blue skies and sunshine fool you. The temperatures had dropped and there were very high winds for our walk. There were certainly high swells when looking out at sea.

The Cape Banks Circuit was a really pleasant walk that covered about 7.3km. We started at Congwong Beach before stumbling accidentally onto a nudist beach. As you can imagine, we were a little overdressed (excuse the pun).



When we managed to get back on the right track, we worked out way to Henry Head, through dead forests and dense bushlands. Once we arrived at Henry Head what we saw was gorgeous coastline and a WWII battery and fort.



From Henry Head, we walked along the coast and cliff where it was all unfenced. With winds as strong as they were, we stayed well on the track towards Cape Banks Bridge.

IMG_3243 IMG_3245 IMG_3252 IMG_3258



This last photo is us leaving Cape Banks behind. As always, our walk was not dull 🙂

Walking back to where our car was parked, there was a snake presentation on. It was extremely educational and we really wished we had heard this talk before we encountered snakes on our walk at Manly Dam

The start of this walk is in La Perouse which is approximately 14 km south-east of Sydney.

Hope you enjoy our photos and have a great week ahead. 


sunday snaps: sculptures by the sea

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After almost 10 years together, we thought we might have run out of ‘firsts’ together – hang on, this is beginning to sound like the “How I Met Your Mother” episode where Lily and Marshall have a similar conversation while stuck in the bathroom together. Who’s seen that episode? Actually, let’s not get off track…

Back to “our first” yesterday… it was the first time we both went to the Sculptures by the Sea but also the first time ever in our 31 years of life in Australia had we even walked the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama. We can’t believe that we have never done that walk – its so easy and so beautiful! We are now keen to walk more of that coastal walk especially if we want to do the Camino de Santiago (it could become part of our training).

So Sculptures by the Sea is running from Oct 25 to Nov 10, and has been going since 1997. It is free to see the exhibits & there are donation buckets around to help keep the events free. The sculptures are available for purchase & we assume it could set you back a few dollars, we don’t know as we didn’t check.

The walk takes about an hour depending on how much time you spend photographing and learning about the artwork. We walked through and stopped along the way to take some pictures and that took us an hour and half return. We got up quite early to go to hopefully avoid the crowds. Arriving at 8am, it was already pretty crowded!

If you manage to dodge the morning joggers, dog walkers and other sculpture enthusiasts, it is a really lovely walk especially when the sun is out. Then afterwards, you can enjoy breakfast or coffee at the many eateries along Campbell Pde.

Hope you enjoy our photo essay!

Disclaimer: Our descriptions of the sculptures are OUR opinions and do not reflect what the sculptures are really called!

Morning view of Bondi Beach
Morning view of Bondi Beach
Sun peaking through the clouds over the ocean and Icebergs pool
Sun peaking through the clouds over the ocean and Icebergs pool
And now for the scultpures
And now for the scultpures
Artwork on the edge of the water on the rocks
Artwork on the edge of the water on the rocks
Stairway to heaven?
Stairway to heaven?
There is a pea at the bottom of that mattress pile
Is there a pea at the bottom of that mattress pile?
Jelly baby gymnastics
Jelly baby gymnastics
A huge pencil sharpener
A huge pencil sharpener
Loe the white contrasting with the backdrop
Love the white contrasting with the backdrop
Recycled world
Recycled world
Looking in the crystal ball - if you look closely, do you see a someone on a paddle board?
Crystal ball – if you look closely, do you see a surfer?

Just realised this is also our first every post about our home state, New South Wales. Wow, lots of firsts for us with this one 🙂