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weekly photo challenge: grand

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Within thirty seconds of seeing the challenge, we knew which picture to choose.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany is GRAND – not only in size but also in wow factor! It is the beautiful castle nestled in the mountains and the scenery surrounding it is also grand!


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weekly photo challenge: let there be light

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Genesis 1:3

Then God said, “Let there be light” & light appeared

This week’s photo challenge made us think a little bit about which photo to use. Would we use a photo of a candle from a birthday cake? Or the sun rising? Or a light show? Or a tunnel with a light at the end?

We ended up choosing this photo… a photo taken of Las Vegas from our hotel room: with the lights in the fountains, to the lights in the parking lot, to the lights on the Eiffel Tower…. Let there be LOTS of light!


The lights of Vegas
The lights of Vegas

weekly photo challenge: unexpected

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We haven’t written much lately – time simply gets away and then here we are at the weekly photo challenge again. But after today, we have made a promise that we WILL complete our post about Day 2 in Dubai 🙂

In the meantime, the word this week is: UNEXPECTED 

During our travels, we always experience or see something unexpected: sometimes good, and sometimes not so good. But unexpected also doesn’t necessarily need to fall into either of those categories.

Back in 2006, Germany was the host of the Football World Cup. We were driving through the Romantic Road in Germany several months after the World Cup had ended. What Mr WiseMonkey saw in the male bathroom was completely unexpected. He had to run back out and ask Mrs WiseMonkey for the camera to capture this unexpected sight….

This is what he saw…



And if you “play” correctly, you can score a GOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLL! 

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weekly photo challenge: eerie

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The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is EERIE.

This is an extremely tricky photo choice for us as we don’t normally take photos that are eerie….. So scouring all our photos that we’ve taken in the past 9 years, this one is probably the closest that we can get.

Taken in Pompeii, Italy: if you have been there, you will too have seen plaster casts of many victims.

Pompeii in Sepia
Pompeii in sepia