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As December 25 is fast approaching and kids have made their Christmas wish lists for Santa, we’ve been writing up a list of our own.

Our own wish list but one might liken this list to a bucket list which is something we’ve never had! Things like sky-diving and bungee jumping and white water rafting have been done by one wise monkey already and to be honest, the other has no interest or even an adrenaline drop in her body. But because our list only contains travel stuff, it might be more appropriate to call it a ‘travel wish list’!


Should a genie ever come out, here is what we have, for NOW, on our travel wish list (or “official travel bucket list”) that can run alongside our unofficial bucket list and our retrospective bucket list.

These are not listed in any particular order or priority:

1) Walk the Camino de Santiago

2) Visit Carcassonne & Mont St Michel

3) See the Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx

4) Go on an African safari and see the big FIVE

5) Visit the Disney theme parks around the round: LA, Orlando, Paris, Japan, Hong Kong

6) See the House of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island

7) Photograph penguins in Antarctica

8) See Iguazu Falls, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls

9) Witness the Northern Lights

10) Have a white Christmas

11) Experience 24 hours of sunlight

12) Float on the Dead Sea

13) Welcome a new year with celebrating NYE in NYC

14) Chase a solar and a lunar eclipse somewhere

15) Get to at least base camp of Mt Everest

16) Hot-air ballooning at the Albuquerque Ballon Fiesta

17) Road trip across America

18) Attend the Naadam Festival in Mongolia

19) Visit Christmas markets around Europe

20) Go in search of bears in Canada or Alaska

21) See gorillas in the jungle

22) Go husky-sledding in Scandinavia

23) See polar bears in the North Pole

24) Visit Russia (at least Moscow & St Petersburg)

25) Hike/trek in the Patagonia

26) Volunteer overseas

27) Visit Santa’s village in Lapland

28) Attend:
a) a FIFA World Cup
b) an Olympics
c) a Wimbledon match
d) a Premier League game in England
e) one game of each of these in the USA: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL
f) an Ashes game in England

29) Ice-skate in an open-air rink on a wintery evening overseas

30) Self-drive around Iceland

This list is by no means exhaustive and will be forever evolving! Now, we will need to think of what we want on our non-travel bucket list.

Here’s to hoping that we wake up one day & a genie materialises while we’re polishing that lamp! Maybe on Christmas day?

Have you done any of the items on our travel wish list?

Please do share a link to your “experience” so we can desire it even more 🙂